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ESAB Welding & Cutting GmbH
Robert-Bosch-Str. 20
61184 Karben
Tel. (+49 6039) 40-0
Fax (+49 6039) 40-301

Central gas supply systems for industry-, laser- and high-purity gases

Cylinder pressure regulators
Line regulators and point of use regulators
Manifold pressure regulator
Outlet / point of use systems

Safety devices and couplings

Non return valves
Flashback arrestors

Machines and processing units

Machines for oxyfuel cutting
Machine torches and nozzles
Machines for laser cutting
Machines for plasma cutting


Powder marking device (mechanised)
Punch marking device (mechanized)
Plasma marking device (mechanized)
Inkjet marking device (mechanized)

Parts and acessories

Exhaust cutting tables
Water cutting tables
Fume extraction systems for cutting and welding
Fume filter systems for cutting and welding
Hoses and hose accessories